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running away to a new ‘reality’…

I am in need of a new book – I need to sink my teeth into a great new book and into a new reality.

Since I cannot in any way afford to go off to Italy or France or England I would love to run off to a library and read and read some more.

i thought I could focus and read alone at home but, alas, not the case. I think i want to read some of James Frey’s more recent novels. I just need an escape. I mental change of scenery if i cannot have a physical one.

i was gonna write about this haunting feeling of not having deeeeep love — love for myself, from others too. I won’t deny this sense of emptiness, hollowness, but i think for now i will look for it in books. Books that are far different than Eckhart Tolle, lol. I need an escape from the usual.

i miss my mom, i can’t deny it. Thing is i am deeply hurt from those things i was called and all of the false accusations too. i don’t think things will ever be the same. i hate that part. really crappy but…. it is what it is.

i’ll ttyl? yeah, i will do so…


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  1. images in perspective
    May 9, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Something by Wally Lamb. I bet you’d like that. ‘She’s come undone’ or ‘This much I know is true’

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