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Thank you #Twitter + TCL…


Take responsibility for what you feel. Don’t project onto others, blame them, or take your negativity out on them.
I juat had to post that quote onto this blog since it encompasses everything I have been going through these last few weeks or should I say years…
My gratitude goes out to all those who have taken the time to dig deeper than my simple Twitter posts and read this blog, whatever posts I have made thus far at the very least. You support has more than inspired me and my writing and I hope to keep things real, more visceral, and as honest as always.
Can I share a recent happening with you???
So…I have lost a ton of weight thanks to my recent stresses and I know I have been walking on the edge of a bout of depression, and so I paid a visit to my GP. I know, I know, she is such a useless twit but I just assumed that she would have some insight on how I could better cope with life… HAHAHA!!! She all but showed me the door.
That brings me to week three of my mother-daughter war of the worlds and my LACK OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL HELP!!! I swear I went to her, opened up about everything that I experienced, and she handed me a tissue and showed me the door. What the hell was that about?!? So much for help…
Anyhow, I have been in a rut which is neither good for me nor for my hunny-pie or even our fatty of a cat. I just had to rant rather than actually get on with my day.
Note: meditation helps calm the nerves some and skims you down too. Now, if only the upstairs neighbors did some of that…
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