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someone like you…

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

…but who is the You I speak of?

I fill my ears and my head with voices that keep breaking my heart but yet I cannot stop.

The noises in my head bang around time and again.

Like pounding rain, they drown out all other sounds, even you beating of your kind heart.

When you’re broken apart you just can’t let people in, not even people like you….

Taking space, taking time, running away from it all…

from you, from her, from me…

the pain in the tears I cry night after night, used to feel like home

but with you is the only home I now want and love.

My pieces don’t fit anymore,

no they don’t seem to fit anymore…

I did my best and I’m leaving now,

I am tired of fighting with my feelings

and using you to catch me as I fall…

Know I love you to death and all I want is all of us

but I can’t keep struggling and the aches are so consuming.

I could give in to you or give into me

and the sorrow I feel deep down.

I don’t always know what I am doing but I am tired of trying all the time….

She’ll never let me go, no

she’d rather see me fail then let me go.

Please know I choose you but right now I must step back into the fold…

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