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reach out and touch me…

P and I went out last night and I had a few too many ‘martinis’.

Why? because I have been drowning my brain in all that is going on at the moment in Libya and I needed a break, and so did he, frankly. I vented to him my frustrations and anger regarding our gov’t and their so-called leader. I just HAD to or else I’d crack.

BUT I really didn’t want to drink or pretend to be happy… wasn’t in the party mood; my heart was breaking into a million pieces…

But, we went out and had a nice time (he loved it, I couldn’t care less).

What I wanted to do was reach out and hold someone out there in the middle east and tell the Libyans who are being terrorized that we care and that we are going to fight for them. Thing is, very few people with any kind of power give a rat’s ass about their strife. They deserve so much better than that!! shit…

I wonder if this was occurring in Canada, would the world be as equally APATHETIC? Would anyone truly care?

P’s thoughts on the argument all revolve around oil and agendas, and ‘why’ any country who claims to care actually does. He has valid points but MY point is always about Humanity and Dignity AND STAYING ALIVE.

T’is better late than never and that we all should never forget that we are all deserving of someone to help us when we cannot do so ourselves. It really doesn’t matter if  the people  ‘could have, should have, or deserve’ something when it becomes a matter of life and death. I know I would want to be saved or at least remain alive. period.

I use Depeche Mode in the blog title because I played this sing a bunch of times last night, even when we got home. Reach out and touch SOMEONE and be happy that you have the opportunity to do so. Do it While you can, Since you can.


ciao for now…


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  1. rie
    March 1, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I don’t know why but somehow I feel less connected to the World whilst in Canada. Or maybe that’s just me being at UofT.

    Gadhafi is one hell of a delusional lunatic. sigh… I’m trying to avoid being pessimistic but a lot of people are like him; maybe, not as lunatic as him, but like him all the same. It’s that “Rise to the top and keep power at all costs” that constantly annoys/bugs/disappoints me.

    My conclusion: Humans are stupid. 😦

    Given the choice of peace and war, we choose war. And certain powers don’t know when to stop interfering and stepping off their pedestal. Like seriously, they can’t even handle their own affairs and yet they insist on meddling with others… Sorry I should really stop ranting about our southern neighbours.

    • March 1, 2011 at 9:46 pm

      comment away on here, Rie! I agree with you but I am personally more pissed with the Canadian gov’t at the moment. We do nothing…. the US seems to keep on doing the WRONG things lol.

      more to come when I get a chance… be sure to some to the Wine + Cheese at the end of March! =D

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