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thinking of the wrong people…

It came rushing back to me when I heard her most haunting of voices sing of love lost and the scars they leave. I use the plural because my heart was captured by more than one in my love’s past. Both Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You keep me thinking and keep me awake the moment they begin to play. I am like a junkie needing a fix, a step back in time for just a few moments…

If I had an open wound, blood would be streaming out of it with every beat my heart takes.Thank you, Adele, heh…

We could have had it all, but not really though… not ever…

If it hadn’t been for love I wouldn’t feel much, or perhaps I’d have felt  happy and not broken hearted… Who knows, really.
Would anyone ever truly feel alive without feeling love though? Doubtful…

I tried to copy and paste the lyrics on here and leave it be but alas, I suck at using laptops lol. Feel free to watch the videos on youtube and tell me your stories… I bet everyone has one, or two.

Falling for the wrong people at the right times seems to be my favourite activity of choice because it happens to me all the time, until now when I have fallen for the right person, an amazing person. A GREAT good person who loves me too and with us there is no doubt about. =D AND no more overpriced engagement rings that mean nothing


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