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…trying to wait out the vertigo….

…while I try to think of what to write.

Of course my thoughts flutter between the Wine and Cheese event (that is making me nuts because I feel like I am failing in the BIGGEST way!) and Patrick and all of the things we’d like to accomplish.

We’d like to make enough money to get to a confortable place in life where we can afford to skip off to New York for a while. At least, I would like to skip off to New York for a while. I am hating being in this city for as long as I have been at this point. We also plan to write our own foodie/life blog (his idea, not mine. I don’t really care but think it’s good for business). In addition to that we’d also like to find a home, perhaps a condo that would accommodate to my ever-changing needs, needs that are now ‘our’ needs since we are now functioning as one person. When did that happen?? *sigh* changes….

NOT that being a unit is a bad thing, it’s just not something I am used to, is all.

Quick question: what if one of us gets a job out of town? What do I do then? Would I leave him here? (assuming it would be Me who gets that job because he works online…)

Being with Patrick has re-invigorated my spirit and confidence; I am prepared to land that ‘dream’ job and am willing to move to make that happen. Who am i?? lol.

So many things have been changing for me/us and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the pace. Could it just be too much too soon? Too many amazing things that my mind is just blown? =D

Oy… I think ‘we’ need to have a talk…

oh boy…
More to come….

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