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3 cheers to my messed up body at 12:30am…

I had a fantastic day full of inspiration which I had intended on writing a huge entry on with regards to life, justice, and my passion for all that is Eve Ensler (seriously, read her works and you might understand why…)

but as always it all got fucked on the fly thanks to a sudden relapse, the likes of which I am having right. now.

I might throw up thanks to it because that CAN occur, but I am dealing with a cold so I am hopped up on meds…

I had a wonderfully wicked evening plannied for Patrick and I (fri – sun) full of great dinners, strolls to the market, getting a ton of networking done, and all of that will probably be scrapped now because I can’t hardly breathe or feel my fingers. I type becaue I know how t onot because I can actually feel. In fact, I cannot feel my lips or most of my face at t he moment. Immense dehydration plus MIGRANES are my new thing which is just a thrill.

If I sound bitter I spologize I just needed to vent and I am hoping P wil read this when he awakens and will come take care of me so I am not home alone…

Needless to say I am a bit scared, like usual. I also miss sleep but am unsure if I can make it from my PC to the bed….

Actually, I think I might need to *blech*

Pls Pls have a good Friday, ok?

❤ and I’ll keep you updated when I can.


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