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hunger and phlegm becomes me…

I am home now, been here since last night post Valentine’s Day (the sweetest valentine’s day!). BUT I was coughing up both lungs lol. My fever finally broke but left me so spent! To shower or not to shower, that is the more IMMEDIATE question.

Guess what?! I destroyed 2 boxes of tissues in 1 day! Go me! Ick. Thank goodness the Benilyn day time stuff worked wonders. BUT, of course, I am weak and sore. What a day!

I seriously didn’t do anything today! what is going on? I should have filled out  the ODSP forms but didn’t, I really should have made some food but didn’t. I REALLY could have had a cup of tea and would have felt soooo wonderful but again, I did not. Ick Ick Ick….

So much for making it to the Exec meeting today, or ensuring the room bookings and actually making some headway with the Wine + Cheese. I just want James to be impressed!!! He really is the man. Sarah really IS James Orbinski’s groupie…

Hmmm… I wonder if he might be able to pull some strings at St. Mike’s or something….he IS Mr. MSF Nobel prize winner…. might he be able to fix me??

Breathing has improved since I am no longer filled with kitty-cat dander/fur…. Which is sad because Oliver is the sweetest cat in the world. AND his Dad/Big brother Patrick is even sweeter still.

I just had to post something, anything. anything at all. I fear falling asleep in the tub lol.

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