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quicky update… on Living On A Prayer…. : )

Ah, what a blissed out weekend was had! feeling all brand-new-ish lol, and ready to shake my stuff out on the town on Friday night. Good tunes, blasts from the pasts, and my hunny by my side laughing and getting showered in snowflakes.

Random tunes at random Queen west spots called Unit and then Savoy, popping in for a slice of pizza, had 2 drinks after my meds tho. all good! I swear! home after walking and being sooo mobile for 4 hours (cannot imagine how great it felt!)

Perfect Friday + perfect Valentine’s weekend. Just simple and counting every second that we were blessed with momentary good health!

Satueday came and so did the tears, the opening of cards, the omg moments, and ‘we?’ we…. we are a we!

the offering of keys, the endless talks, the cooking, the coffee + ice cream… just…. happiness. the happy life of a pair with negative dollars but rich in simple apreciation.

Did I forget to mention putting on a bunch of tunes and singing ’em out loud for Pchech?? man, I had it going on! Music is LIFE for me, art, tunes, food, love, health, and bopping around the apt. in a tee.

We all are, after all, Living On a Prayer….

all in all:

La Vida Es Magnifico

Buono Noche

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