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going to the ER, again…

I decided to refrain form going to sleep Saturday night so I could make it to the ER as early as possible (at least my kind of early lol).  Hopped into a hot bath, soaped up. amd dressed with make-up and Mom and I went downtown.

I had called Pchech at 5:30 am. to let him know what was going on and see if he’d be able to join. He did, at roughly 1pm, tho.

Now, after making it VERY clear to the latest doc. that I refused to stay in hospital, he gave me a weeks worth of 1000mg of oral Prednisone which has left me reeking of metal out of every pore + orifice. Not too bad tho so long as I feel better. So far I just feel hungry and fatigued.

BTW, I also stressed that I neeeeeeeded a ‘downer, prefferably Ativan, and the prescription was added alongside a sleeping pill too! YAY!

*secret* Ativan is by far my fave drug. EVER. I did indeed develop a tiny dependency to it in a past life (we’re talking 2 years ago, but I knew better and noticed the symptoms and requested to put a stop to the meds). Good Job Sarah!!

I must admit, I am proud of myself but never have forgotten how goood they made me feel. In addition to the overall ‘at ease’ sensation, I felt far less panicked and nervous. Pchech tipped me re: a natural herbal thing that I will try when this runs out in a month…. I think…

SO, that is a major update, but there is more… kinda sappy tho.

I cried as I said the words “baby…I really am Falling in love with you…”. Really scary words because he is truly the greatest gift I have ever received and I was so scared that I couldn’t quite look at him… I don’t really know why. I suppose I didn’t know if he felt the same way or if it was both too soon and if he’d bolt…

I was slightly right….he didn’t say the same, which is ok, at least now I know, but he also said that he doesn’t really know what that meant/felt like…. he knew how to quantify it tho. He confided in me that in the recent past (i.e. past year) what he figured out he wished he could find in a partner was exactly what I was/held within me. He asked me if I was real, lol. Then said he knew it everytime he looked into my eyes. Something he did for hours every day while I was in the hospital.

Anyhow…Medicated, I am so I must go now. Ativan here I come.

I may love him and life right now, but this blog is right up there. I hope someone out there reads it one day…


MS, Multiple Sclerosis relapse . ❤

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