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My ever-lasting journey with M.S.

Surprise, dear readers, but yours truly has MS (multiple sclerosis) and has had it at least 6 years, but began seeing symptoms roughly 8-9 years ago. I have recently found some amazing news on the whole medical front regarding said illness, however; something definitely worth sharing.

Recently, a special booklet came to me in the mail on MS patients and starting families, potentially, lol. For years I wrote off the idea of having it all – the incurable illness, the love, romance, and perhaps the family and little ones. I adore kids and often get mistaken for one of them as well oh, the joys of being petite and short and cute, haahaa ; ) I assumed that depending on how ill I become, those things would either complicate or distract, or even make things medically worse off. Not so, says the drug company who supplies my meds, COPAXONE.

Apparently the pregnancy might improve my status and would certainly give me so much more to live for. How exciting! That said, I am in no rush. Perhaps am even more cautious. One step at a time, starting with my meds.


Bon soir and enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! I will be back after waking up next to my new beau and after his health nut pancake + fruits breakkie.

Sleep tight!

❤ Sar

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  1. rie
    January 28, 2011 at 6:04 am

    When you have kids, I want to play with them too! ^_^ MS can’t beat you down! You’re too strong for that ^_^

    • February 8, 2011 at 6:33 am

      you think? thank you! being perpetually ‘strong; get sooo tiring sometimes tho… i hate to admit it.
      great friends (like u!) help a ton!

      lately, I have been thinking… if I can feel this happy and fall in love (?) CAN I actually believe that u + Patrick are both right??? I would love to think so… WAIT! what other choice do we all have?? lol

      oh, besides, he + I will have really awesome, brainy kiddies…. yummmm…. babies. I would love to be a mommy one day. reason enough to believe in something… hope it happens sooner rather than latter… after WE move. his place is barely big enough for he + his cat! lol. ❤ u, B!!!

      • rie
        February 13, 2011 at 4:54 am

        You don’t always have to appear strong. You just have to stay strong; like, there’s more to life than MS. And you seem to be doing that pretty well already.

        Give yourself a chance. Never doubt. It’s hard. I know.. I’m working on not doubting myself too (and failing? hehe)

        You’ll be a great Mum! You’re wise and you show your love and care so well! I’m sure your kids will grow up as insightful, as sincere and as kind as you!

      • February 13, 2011 at 8:53 am

        heehee I swear that without this new person in my life I would be fighting and taxing my mom’s poor hear to death… been nearly impossible lately thx to the 1000 docs and meds. uppers, downers, roid-rage, lol. stress…
        a miracle happened despite every possible odds and…*poof* I can see a real future here. like….magic. scary, intimidating magic. and its not tough this time! omg! hahaha he has even met Andrew lol. just accidentally but still. I must now remember 24/7 that looks and sex appeal and ‘rip your clothes off lusting’ must take a back seat for the REAL DEAL. which is a lot for me. We are getting OLD lol.
        gotts share tho, we had the best friday night strolling along queen west in the snow and laughing and talking after a few *puffs*…
        just…. I finally have my rock. all that is needed is combining ‘we’ plus my peeeeeps!!! He will be there for W+C tho. A must Boyfriend gig in his new garbs lol.

        p.s. feel free to chat him up about FLASH — he is a web developer + game creator at Chorus….
        and my main squeeze….

        btw, I now 100% have more reason to just STAY STRONG for realzzz…. an actual future…. kinda blowing my mind…

        ❤ ❤ ❤ to u + your wicked future!!!

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