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Jill Scott

In the spirit of all that it random and Twitter-esque I have come to a realization at 7:50 in the morn.

I have been a grumpy bunny all day yesterday and even moreso last night till today. I don’t really know what  is going on but all I can think of is how goooood it feels to be all gloomy for a little while.

My new guy and I have been so amazingly happy that I am jonesing for a walk on the darker side for a while and perhaps some alone time. Only children usually seek others, but I am a gal who truly relishes the time she gets to lock herself up and just be with herself, sometimes I invite a book to the tea party… not always.


that is my rant for the morning.. see u later! <

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  1. rie
    January 23, 2011 at 6:29 am

    ^_^ You finally opened it! *Opening party!!!*

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